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Artère is a crimping and welding assembly workshop for industrial stainless steel, hydraulic and teflon hoses.

Artère: A flexible hose with your name on it

An experienced team of industrial pipe specialists is available to advise you on flexible

hoses from plans or to quickly deal with a breakdown of your machines.

Artère is THE distributor that meets your needs.

Need a flexible metal hose in stainless steel ?

Artère handles the assembly process by industrial metal pipe welding thanks to several MID and TIG welding stations.

Need a specific flexible hose?

Artère designs made-to-measure flexible hoses and guarantees crimping up to 8 inches!

Artère, is a 1450m2 specialist workshop in Marck

for the production of industrial, hydraulic, metallic and convoluted Teflon flexible hoses.

Crimping up to 8 inches

Allô Artère

Artère's expertise comes to you

Artère's mobile workshop, "Allô Artère" provides it with an emergency response to your industrial facility to replace all models of flexible hoses on all types of machines.

Rapid-response truck
On-site, Allô Artère


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