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LTL: LEFRANC Translation Linéaire

Through its LTL workshop (Lefranc Translation Linéaire) the LEFRANC Company studies and produces linear guidance systems for industry.

Stock of guidance shafts

With its workshop and its stock, LTL meets all your needs in guidance rails, shafts, housings, track rollers, ball screws, mechanical cylinders and motorised units.
- stock of solid and hollow shafts in hardened steel, stainless steel, or hardened chrome steel.
- comprehensive stock of linear ball bearings and shaft support bearings from 5 - 80 diameter.
- stock of roller guidance units from 2 to 6 rows of ball bearings, treated rails.
- stock of guidance unit systems.

Workshops :

- cutting saw with digital measuring bench enabling shafts to be cut in a water bath.
- tower enabling shafts up to 50mm in diameter to be chamfered, drilled, sawn and tapped.
- deburring machines.

Shaft cutter

Production of your linear guidance systems according to your site requirements, plans and innovation.

Aluminium profile workshop

The LEFRANC equipped its L.T.L. facility with an aluminium profile workshop providing a modular building system with a limitless capacity for adaptation.

We study, manufacture and assemble protection arrangements for technicians and operators working on production lines, automated production lines and robotised work stations.

We make sure that our machines comply by installing physical barriers with or without safety sensors that meet existing standards.



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