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The LEFRANC Company has recommended and distributed drive belts since 1930. Its belt workshop specialises in cutting bushes and joining belts to size and provides detailed technical solutions.

Are you looking for high-quality improvements to your transmission system?

- Reductions in space
- Improved motor output
- Reduced noise levels
- Vibrations absorbed
- Constant tensioning

Are you looking to optimise your costs ?

- Belt tensioning equipment eliminated
- Reduced maintenance budget
- Monitoring operations eliminated
- Belts replaced without adjustments
- Increased lifespan

LEFRANC, high-performance equipment that meets your needs thanks to :

- Our cutting machine, enabling us to instantly provide you with the belt at the required length and width.
- Our press, for joining flat and timing transmission belts.
- Our calculation software.

ARTÈRE, A flexible hose with your name on it : Artère is a crimping and welding assembly
workshop for industrial stainless steel, hydraulic and teflon hoses.

L.T.L. (LEFRANC Translation Linéaire) : Through its LTL workshop
(Lefranc Translation Linéaire) the LEFRANC Company studies and produces linear
guidance systems for industry.

The THORAX workshop produces your made-to-measure
pneumatic cabinets and also addresses your technical
demands in a short timeframe. .


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