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The LEFRANC Company has 75 "Companions" among its permanent staff , including technology specialists in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and sealing, all able to inform and make recommendations for each product range. Senior executives, office-based and mobile technical-sales reps, stock controllers also serve the needs of its customers too.

We make it point of honour to recruit young people through apprenticeships to help foster employability in the field of technical supplies and promote our company's experience and expertise.

LEFRANC Company "Companions" are trained in the profession of technical supplies and most have either a BTS in mechanics and automated industrial systems, degrees in marketing equipment and industrial services, or have work experience in the profession.

It is everyone's mission to find out «WHO THE CUSTOMER IS », to research and make tailored offers for a product or service that satisfies the customer.

For this, the LEFRANC "Companions" have :

  • a full understanding of our AS 400 software
  • technological expertise in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and sealing.
  • technological expertise in flexible tubes
  • knowledge in pipe specifications and assembly
  • standards applying to the use of specified products
  • Management-Quality-Safety-Environment (QSE) standards (quality manual, processes, procedures, instructions are permanently available to all "Companions" to ensure company know-how).
  • versatility

LEFRANC Company strengths :

  • Recognised, tried-and-tested personal contact
  • Specialised technology
  • More than 100 year-old reputation in technical supplies!


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