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Pledges of Reliability and Responsiveness

The Lefranc Company meets various standards.

  • The LEFRANC Company Quality Management System has been AFAQ/AFNOR ISO 9001-certified since 1994 under reference number 1994/3015g for ALL our facilities, ALL our workshops and for ALL our business.

The LEFRANC Company is:
- the173rd company in France with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
- the 2nd company in Nord - Pas de Calais to receive certification.
- the 2nd company in wholesale trade.
- and the 1st when both the above criteria are taken together
(Nord - Pas de Calais and wholesale trade).

This certification demonstrates the "Companions" commitment to applying defined processes as well as all types of suggestions to improve the Quality Management System for customer satisfaction.

This permanent quest for improvement (ISO 9001/2008 AFAQ) and innovation makes it possible to provide a level of shared performance for customer satisfaction.

  • The LEFRANC Company is "MASE"-certified (Manual for Improvement of Company Safety) for the etablishment of Saint-Pol-sur-Mer and the Artere Workshop.
    This targets permanent and continuous company health, safety and environmental improvements.
  • A range of standards applied in the manufacture of hoses that comply with your professions. Compliance with guidelines on American legislation:
    - IANESCO Laboratory approval in France
    - Helsinki Technical Research Centre (VTT) approval for foods
    - Approval by the German laboratory, BgVV
    - Compliant with European directives (ECC guide)
    - Traceability, identification and marking
    - ADR Certificates
    - D.E.S.P.V BV mode II for manufacture of flexible hoses.


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