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In addition a century of experience in power transmission, the LEFRANC Company's expertise in industrial maintenance is founded on :

- The identification of needs (services and components) based on plans or following a survey with the customer. Numerous authorisations for access to industrial sites (e.g. access to Arcelor Mittal in the Dunkerque area)

- Optimising your processes by offering, where relevant, a more efficient product when possible. (e.g. more resistant bearings to extend system life span)

- Recommendations such as like-for-like replacements or with an improved product

- A demonstration or presentation of the product

- Technological support. Has the life span been extended? Has there really been a benefit for the customer? (records of savings gained )

- Project monitoring. A technological solution has been delivered and now it must be maintained. Study of related services specific to each project.

LEFRANC is the guarantee of finding the right industrial component required to make your processes run smoothly.

Availability - Proximity - Diversity - Know-how - Responsiveness - Versatility


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