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Industrial production companies are engaged in global economic competition and as an industrial supply company, LEFRANC is involved, side by side with its competitors, in the same struggle.
Provided there are synergies, inter-company cooperation can lead to progress, growth and performance with all operators being competitors.

As a specialist in recommending, supplying and distributing mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components, every bit of the LEFRANC Company's staff expertise and resources are geared to industrial customers through partnership and quality processes to attain high levels of performance for all involved.

Having the curiosity to discover WHO THE CUSTOMER IS, to research and provide tailored offers of products, services and benefits delivering satisfaction is the constant mission of each and every Company "Companion".

The upgradable resources employed by the LEFRANC Company are geared to improving the availability of personnel and goods, reactivity, versatility, effectiveness, to being proactive and efficient. You don't improvise with availability, you have to think ahead!

The different activities and individual actions are part and parcel of inter-dependent and interactive functions and tasks undertaken using well- defined processes.

The results of these operations are discerned quantitatively in relation to the objectives set and expected progress.

The commitment and support of Company's "Companions" to the Quality Management System and commercial policy means that the LEFRANC Company is pledged to consistent processes that are permanently geared to customer expectations and satisfaction.

Together with the Quality Coordinator, Mrs Claire LEFRANC-VAN RYSSEL, President of the Board, Mr Damien VAN RYSSEL, Operations Director and Mr Nicolas MARLIOT, Administrative Manager, all contribute to applying , monitoring and improving the Quality Management System.

The LEFRANC Company's strategic commitment to quality is determined by the President and the Supervisory Board who each provide comprehensive support and measure the outcomes.

The arrangements put in place demonstrate the willingness of the LEFRANC Company to seriously consider the preoccupations of its customers and address them by playing a part in their delivery and in good company.

Marie-France LEFRANC
President of the Supervisory Board

President of the Board


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